Focused on his name?

Why are people so focused on Barack Obama’s name? Since when do we define someone by there name? And why would you? He’s not Muslim. His white grandparents raised him. He only saw his father for a few months when he was ten. His father was from Kenya. His mother was white Irish. He never went to a muslim school.

I HONESTLY think that it has more to do with him being black. I think people are just making up excuses just so they won’t have to say. “Because, he’s black.” And don’t say “Oh, you’re just pulling the race card.” Because how could I be pulling it, if it’s a fact?

This is coming from someone who is also half black, half white. I know when someone is being racist, having to deal with it first hand myself. I feel sorry for this country. Some of our people are a disgrace. It’s just sickening for me to see someone write out Barack Hussein Osama.



Answer #1

“Fox news is great
there the only news station who reports BOTH sides of the story and not just the democratic side”

This has to be one of the funniest posts I have seen in a long time. I will just chalk it up to her youth, and her inability to see the forest for the trees..

The only reason some people are focused on his name is because they are either purposely trying to instill fear into the more ignorant, or they are the more ignorant.

His name is not muslim, Hussein is arabic, not muslim. Many arab chrisitans are named hussien. It is derived from hebrew, and means handsome or beautiful. And yes he did attend a muslim school for a few months while he was a child in indonesia. He also went to a christian school while there. His mother thought it would make him more well-rounded. She was right. But of course she couldn’t anticipate the disgusting, racist tactics the right wing would use against him later.

Answer #2

Fox news is great :) there the only news station who reports BOTH sides of the story and not just the democratic side. and some people are racist. but a lot of people are not. I hate it that if you don’t agree with someone who does not have the same skin color as you it automaticly implies your racist.

Answer #3

There is nothing to suggest Obama’s name is having any impact on his campaign, for better or for worse. No one really cares. It’s just media and internet hype.

Answer #4

Not all the people who are against Obama in the White House are racist. I don’t want him in the White House because I feel he has too little political experience.

Answer #5

In general people get to choose what they will be called. Dan Quayle’s real name is James Danforth Quayle. Mit Romney’s first name is Willard. My dad used to go by his first name at work and by his middle name in his family. Whenever we answered the phone we knew if it was family or work by who they asked for. When I was a ham radio operator I went by my middle name because it was quicker to send in morse code. John McCain’s middle name is Sidney which I didn’t even know until I just looked it up.

Some people like to bring up Obama’s middle name because they are trying to tie him with Saddam, Islam, and terrorism. They are trying to make him seem foreign and dangerous. Otherwise they would call him what he prefers to go by instead of insisting on adding his middle name.

Answer #6

I actually think his name is pretty awesome lol my names rebekah moss< sucky isnt it lol if he was president it would show that not all people are rascist but mc cain was sneaky with making that sarah woman vp because her sons is going to iraq nad her other son has down syndrome , people got to remember that it her children and not her lol haha im not all that bothered im from england just felt like talking

Answer #7

Umm, no one implied that if you don’t have the same skin color as them you’re racist. But it’s just the way people act, like the things they say. That really gets people mad.

Fox news sucks. Fox news IS racist.

Answer #8

Rickd - you don’t need to refer to someone as “stupid” just because their views differ from yours.

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