Fluriting problem.

I have a problem…my girlfriend is always flurting with other guys and I get mad. Should I have a right to get mad or not? And if I do what can I do to get over it.

Answer #1

yes you do have the right to get mad…talk to her dont yell…but point out what makes you upset and you would want her to change to make thins go smooth for the both of you…yelling never solves anything trust me so dont do it!

Answer #2

you have a right to be mad if it happens all the time. if it is a thing that happpens rarely and the flirting isn’t that much then it shouldn’t be a big deal. talk to her about it. stay calm. tell her how you are feeling. make sure she knows everything that you are thinking about her flirting with other guys. tell her that it hurts you.

Answer #3

yes, you have every right to be mad. you and her are dating and that means she should only flirt with you and have feelings for you. if she is flirting with other guys when your around grab her by the waist and get lovey so the guys back off and then the next time she flirts they’ll probably back off knowing she’s taken. also, confront her with the issue and if she doesn’t change I’d say she’s not worth your time cause she’s obviously not ready for a commitment… but thats just my opinion. I know where youre coming from though..

Answer #4

she gets pissed off though when I tell her how I feel with her when she flurits wih other guys…shes like its me and im like its me I get pissed when you do it shes like its no big deal..im like it is to me…cause I told her I’ve been cheated on a lot in the past and I dont want that to happen again…im falling for this chick hardore I mena its so bad its not even funny.

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