What are some tips for straightening hair?

Does anybody have any tips on how to straighten my hair. And also makeup tips would be nice. Thank You!!!

Answer #1

take out some of your hair take the straightning iron, CAREFULLY and slowly take it and press on hair make sure not to burn your head!lol no im serious this girl I know burned her ear. . .

Answer #2

irishygirly, I already gave you make-up tips on your other question. As for straightening your hair, buy a hair straightener. Make sure you do little sections at a time, and the hair that you aren’t doing at the time, pin it up. Slowly let more hair down as you straighten it. Make sure you comb every peice of hair as you straighten it. Also straightening shampoos and conditioner are good to use before straightening. I suggest herbal essences, pink bottle. Leave the conditioner in for a good 5-10 mins.Good luck. -ѕтәpн♥

Answer #3

Thank you everyone!!!

Answer #4

do not burn you self on the straighen er

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