Flat broke and in need of stuff! :d

I'm young. So young,I can't have a real job. I could babysit. I could do mow the lawn. I could do the laundry. I could clean the whole house. I could do probably much more than that. Thing is,I've mowed the lawn,cleaned the house,did the laundry,washed the car,etc etc. Now,did I get paid for all of that hard work? No,I did not get paid. Not even a f***ing dime. I know this sounds selfish,but I'm getting a little irritated. I work and work,without even being ask to,sometimes,and remain flat broke. I've tried asking my mom if she could buy me clothes,since I need more. And if I could get something to rid of my unwanted body hair. But no. I get nothing. I try so hard to please everyone,but I fail. Before I ask my question,let me tell you. My mom tells me that she will pay me,but never does. In other words,she is a hypocrite. How can I tell her that I've earned the money fair and square?
Also,what else could I do to earn some extra cash?

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Slow down and take a breath.
I'm not sure if I am going to agree with you or not.
Much of what you are describing is usually called 'CHORES'. It is something done as your share of the household. Remember that you aren't paying your Mom to drive you places or cook your dinner.
Chores are also a way to teach you how to do these things when you move out on your own. (After all if you moved out and didn't know how, you would have to pay someone else to do it for you.)


If you do extra jobs besides your chores , and a parent says they will pay you for THAT job, and it is done WELL, then you should be paid or else an explanation of why not (e.g. car just broke down). Then maybe the two of you can come up with an alternate payment - a trip to the State park, double dessert, friends over for a sleep over, what ever.
If you can work with your parents, great, if not, well in a few more years you can go to college or move out.

I wish you the best,
Good Luck!!

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Ok one is ask for the money before you do the work
Two is if you do some much and get no recognition then stop doing the work then people will notice the work building up after all
you don’t know what you had until its gone

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well, in my opinioni agree with your first answer... what you do is considered chores. and anything you are told, asked, or expected to do is perfectly legal.. and well... expected of a young adult. now if your mom told you she would pay you and didnt then that is just messed up and I would ask her why. one thing is you shouldnt expect it. your parents pay everything for you, rent, electric, gas, water, food, clothes, toys, phones... ect. but my roommates 12 yr old son makes $150 a week mowing neighbors lawns, washing cars, cleaning houses. so maybe give that a trry

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