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I'm young. So young,I can't have a real job. I could babysit. I could do mow the lawn. I could do the laundry. I could clean the whole house. I could do probably much more than that. Thing is,I've mowed the lawn,cleaned the house,did the laundry,washed the car,etc etc. Now,did I get paid for all of that hard work? No,I did not get paid. Not even a f***ing dime. I know this sounds selfish,but I'm getting a little irritated. I work and work,without even being ask to,sometimes,and remain flat broke. I've tried asking my mom if she could buy me clothes,since I need more. And if I could get something to rid of my unwanted body hair. But no. I get nothing. I try so hard to please everyone,but I fail. Before I ask my question,let me tell you. My mom tells me that she will pay me,but never does. In other words,she is a hypocrite. How can I tell her that I've earned the money fair and square?
Also,what else could I do to earn some extra cash?