Why do people get engaged to 'fix' a relationship?

Lately I’ve noticed a lot of people I know getting engaged to someone they break up with nearly every week. Why do people go get engaged to someone they don’t even have a steady relationship with? I don’t understand, it’s like people are getting engaged in attempts of a better relationship. There is a couple I know that are always fighting and breaking up, I know it’s none of my business but now they say they’re planning a wedding. I didn’t say anything rude to them about it, it just catches me off guard.

Why? Does anyone have a logical explanation?

Answer #1

People do it because they believe it will make the situation better. People plan for children in the hope it will savor the relationship when really it’s the worse single thing you go have done. A child makes nothing any better and a lot of the time worse. Engagement is not really a legal commitment but maybe people fel it will keep the relationship in solid stone. Immaure really.

Answer #2

The same thing for people who are in abusive/crappy relationships and then get pregnant.

I don’t really know many people in that situation surprisingly, most of the pregnant girls I know weren’t even in a relationship when they got pregnant, sadly. I had a perfect relationship when I got pregnant and hormones take over sometimes and I get upset about things but you’re right, maturity does have a lot to do with it and the outcome of things. I feel like a totally different person some days but hopefully that passes which apparently it will over the next little while. Having a kid or getting engaged/married isn’t the answer to any problem.

Answer #3

I’ve noticed this a lot too. I think the same people who aren’t mature enough to work on things and make them really right are the same people who would jump into a wedding. I view it as maturity level. The same thing for people who are in abusive/crappy relationships and then get pregnant. As if the kid would change anything. They will either end up with an abusive parent or one parent. Poor kid.

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