What is a good laptop to buy for a 13 year old who likes sims etc?

My sister’s laptop broke (ughhhhhh..) and we are getting her a new one. She doesn’t like macs (I have no idea why because I think they are amazing). What laptop would you think we should look into? I’m really bad with computers so please talk to me nice and slow. She plays sims so she needs a lot of memory.

Answer #1

Compaqs are good laptops. I would look into one of those. Thats actually what I have and its great.

Answer #2

my parents got my 12yr old sister like a mini pink laptop they were only abt $300~400

Answer #3

The little laptops have the most of 1 gb of ram. So there not good for gaming.

Answer #4

sims 3 which is teh most graphicle only needs around 2gig which is the bog standard of a windows based computer nowadays. how much have you got to spend?

Answer #5

gateway, asus, toshiba, emachines. Dell is EXPENSiVE and if broken can ONLY be fixed with EXPENSIVE Dell parts

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