First move

In your first kiss who made the first move tell me what happened

Answer #1

my boyfriend made the move. hah, in the hallway of school. he looked into my eyes and told me how much he liked me, then he lifted my chin towards his lips and kissed me. it was cute. lol

Answer #2

in my first kiss my man made the first move and then we just started full blown makin out it was real fun lol

Answer #3

He made the first move… I think.. lol. He asked me if he could have a kiss before I got on a bus.

Now I make almost all the first moves because he’s shy.

Answer #4

I took her to the school dance 3 days after we started dating. She kissed me. I would’ve made the first move, but I didnt think she really liked me seeing as she is the sexiest woman I have ever seen. :D

Answer #5

the guy made it. we were just at the park sitting on a bench talking and he leans over and looks me in the eyes and we start making out :)

Answer #6

Wow that’s weird my name is alexandra my middle name is monique :)

Answer #7

I made it. I leaned toward her and tilted my head and started making out with alexandra.

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