Do guys like it if girls make the first move?

I think I have this tiny crush on this guy, do I make a move to show him I like him? I mean do guys like that kind of thing? OR Do I chill and wait for him to make a move?

Answer #1

well being a guy myself I know that im always shy and nervous when I like a girl but eventually I would end up making the first move. I had a girl make the first move on me before and it surprised me and I didnt really know what to think of it. so I think that you should hint around to the guy that you r interested and let him make the first move.

Answer #2

From my perspective, I’ve always been incredibly flattered when a girl made the first move with me. There’s never been any notion of “She was way to forward” or “What is she, a slut?” But there’s no need to go all out and ask him out if you aren’t comfortable with it. Adam5464 is right – with a tiny bit of flirting on your part to let him know that you’re interested, if he feels the same way, he’ll take it from there.

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