Do they fire and ice condoms from trojan really work (just seen the commercial lol) ?

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Well i`ve heard they do .

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Ice condom? wish we had that over here. I would pressuring my fella to wear one especially on a hot, hot, hot night.

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Not used them, or even heard of them before. However their website description gives no indication of a cooling effect - only warming. I quote the following:

"... Trojan Fire & Ice condoms are lubricated on both sides (inside and out) with a warming and tingling lubricant mix to provide thrilling sensations of pleasure for both partners. This dual action lubricant brings more passion and excitement. Use warming lubricant to keep the heat up. This condom is also available in a larger size, see Trojan Magnum Fire & Ice condoms for more details. ..."

from the website at:

Best wishes - Majikthise.

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They do work, I guess is not if they work, is all about if you like them.

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not from experienced but sum my friends hav tryed it & they said it did work but it wasnt enjoyable at all =/

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mm for me its not,,i feel nothin,,to much lubs hehe

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