Best condoms?

Which Condoms are the best condoms to get?

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Trojan spermicidal

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Durex pleasuremax. DONT USE THE PULL-OUT METHOD!!!

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Go with Trojans, and buy a spermicide to use with it.

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I wouldnt use the ultra-thin ones! They break easily.
If your guy has a big *hmhm* I would suggest Trojans.
Theyre bigger then for example Durex. And never use the pull-out method..
You can still get like, aids or whatever, cus of the pre-cum.

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condoms are not worth it, use the pull-out method.

they fall off, cause problems.. anoyying

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lol ya the funny thing is that my boyfriend and I used a ultra thin condom and it broke.
But thanks for the help
And what is the difference between a red and a thin besides that they are'nt lubed?

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I use Trojan reds. they aren't lubed but I really don't need it.

It'd be best to get a lubed condom "Trojan ultra thin" for example. I recommend those, lubed and the guy barely feels it.

Remember condoms aren't 100% safe, Be careful! It'd be wise to get birth control but that's not 100% either...

But most of all, Have fun ;)

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the best ones are trojans the green ones there called twisted pleasure

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the best condoms are ones that dont break lol!!!

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the pull out method is even less likely to work no matter wat unless u pull out an jerk off to get it out!!!!!

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