Does getting fingered hurt?

Does getting fingered hurt? What should you do if a guy fingers you? How do you finger yourself? :p

Answer #1

Absolutely not. Of course you don’t want to just get a finger shoved in because that might hurt. You want to be at least a little turned on and wet, so it will slip right in.

You could practice on yourself, almost all girls do whether they tell you or not, they do. Play with your clitoris and get yourself wet. Once you are nice and wet and well lubricated expiriment with inserting a finger or two, explore yourself and see what can happen and what’s going on down there.

There is no shame, as I mentioned almost everyone does, they may not tell you but we all do. Then you will be more prepared for getting fingered by your boyfriend and you know what to expect or what to tell him you like.

Good luck and have fun.

Answer #2

y use gloves - doc lol x

Answer #3

If it’s not done right, then yes it will hurt.

When engaging in genital and vaginal stimulation it is “always” advisable to apply extra lubrication, even if you are dripping wet as a result of vaginal lubrication. Use a lubricant such as Astroglide, light mineral oil, KY jelly, or natural oils such as flaxseed, Vitamin E, olive, vegetable, etc. Be aware that the use of products containing petroleum and oil can increase the risk of vaginal infections when used inside the vagina, but there is no way to predict how your body will react to its use. Try them, but if you experience an infection, do not use them again. Caution: Oil based products cannot be used with latex condoms as they cause them to break down.

Examine your boyfriend’s hands and fingers before he touches your vulva and vagina and ensure they are clean, his fingernails are trimmed, and there are no rough edges. You may need to have him trim his nails or file away any rough edges. Prior to your next sexual experience together let him know your expectations regarding the care of his hands. If his skin is rough, you will need to use latex or vinyl surgical gloves. Most stores carry these near the first aid supplies, $10 or less should buy a box of 100. Also encourage your boyfriend to go slower and be gentler, the vulva can be very sensitive to irritation.

Answer #4

no not if you feel relaxed and if your moist an it also depends how many fingers they pit up u . if they put 2 up you then no it want hurt .

Answer #5

um i don’t no how fingering feels im sure it doesn’t hurt more than a penis in u just get ur finger in stick it in ur private i guess lol

Answer #6

jus tel him wot ya wont!

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