how to find the right tshirts?

Answer #1

What do you mean by “right” If you mean to fit you properly youll need to try them on. Just because it says small doesnt mean all the smalls are the exact same size and fit.

Answer #2

well yeah dats soo true…i need to try dem on short n has boobs a lil too big for ma body n has tiny waist n i consider a ma butt is also a lil too big…. so in short i dont know if i shd be wearing short tshirts or long ones dat cover da butt…

Answer #3

Wearing a t-shirt that covers your butt is going to make your butt appear larger. You should wear shirts that hit just below the waistline, not short or too long.

Answer #4

so do u think super skinny jeans suits me…im 34C 24 n 31 i guess….

Answer #5

Online has always been my best freind for finding things :D

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