how can I find the right shade in the bottom half of my hair?

ok so I have like DARK brown hair almost black and I want to die it a color that would look really good on me but im not sure should I die the top pitchblack and the bottom regular brown I don’t know what to do help!!

Answer #1

Hmm… well, dark brown hair is good because you can choose almost any color and it’ll look good, unlike red hair. I’m thinking maybe it depends on your skin and eye color…like if you get a color that brings out your eyes would be cool. I hope this helped. -courtney maria

Answer #2

ii agree wiith courtney mariia … drk brown iis a good shade iit matches withh any haircolor … and iit does depend on your tone of skiin ii recommend yuh go to a salon and ask a speciialiist tho … watevah yuh do dont dye iit piitch black … ii diid that miistake and now iits hard to dye mii hair and e color …

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