Do you find this to be true? if your small for your age you get treated more like a kid,then someone the same age who's taller!!!

Answer #1

YES. TOTALLY TRUE. I HATE IT. I have a friend who’s five six and people think she’s fifteen and really listen to her, but I’m four eleven, same age, and people treat me like I’m eight. It sucks!

Answer #2

Yeah, it sucks but its true. I was always average height, but looked older in the face, so people always treated me as a mature adult. My little brother, however, is very thin and short and has always been treated like a baby by everyone he’s every known. He’s 21 and just now started to feel like he’s being treated as an adult.

The complex with that, (and forgive me if you are one of the “shorties” being treated this way) is people that are shorter and treated like a kid tend to act like a kid BECAUSE of this and as a result perpetuate the situation.

It is likely if the smaller-framed person acts as an adult and makes wise decisions in life, which includes knowing how to live well, provide for their loved ones and have fun at the same time, then people will stop treating you this way.

Answer #3

by the way i’m a shortie,and i think your spot on in what you say,thanks

Answer #4

Yes!! It changes tho, as you get older, tho you will always be seen as “younger” (has it advantages when you get old :) ).


Answer #5

Well, don’t let it hold you back. You know who you are and you know you are mature and capable; that’s all that matters in the end.

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Answer #7

Because all the tall people will look 90 and you’ll look 40… so everyone will be jealous of you lol

Answer #8

I’m 5’, 20 years old and I look 12 if I don’t wear makeup or tight shirts.. Some other adults seem to… underestimate me at times.. it’s frustrating, but I’ve gotten used to it. :)

Answer #9

I am small and my friend whom is two years younger than me gets treated like more of an adult than I do. It’s not even like I am the childish one.

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