Find percent of fat?

how do I find out what percent body fat do I have?

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Here's a calculator for BMI:

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you have to find your BMI

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The only completely accurate method to determine body fat percentage is to have yourself weighed, ground up, then the fat disolved into solvent then weighed.

Since most people don't need this information that badly they are happy with a rough estimate. There are advantages and disadvantages to every method of estimation.

Skin fold calipers are one method. They are quite accurate for individuals below 20% body fat but require a certain amount of skill in the measurer.

Underwater weighing is a method that is more accurate for individuals over 20% body fat.

Body capacitance is a method to quickly estimate one's body fat. There are scales that have this feature that can approximate your body fat every time you weigh.

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go to a doctor
and hget them to calculate your BMI (body mass index) for your height and weight

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