Where can i find some makeup that really stands out?

im looking for makeups like oranges neon greends i love those type of colors im looken for someonline at a pretty cheap price anyone no any good websites?

Answer #1

Amazon.com has some bright colors. There are several different items to choose from, and several different prices.

Check it out! :) http://funadvice.com/r/bndgn3jo4

Answer #2

MAC makeup seems to be the most popular. It’s pricey, but really good makeup.

Answer #3

Do neutrals, such as light browns/tans, soft pink, and even a soft purple with gray tints in it. Also, use a navy blue eye liner and mascara. It will make your eyes pop. If it’s for all day wear, try an eye primer. It’s like a moisturizer for your eyes and helps the make-up stay in place longer. Don’t put the make-up on heavy. The less the better. You want ppl to see you as a natural complexion. Hope this helps. =)

Answer #4

lol actually i dont want ppl to the pictures i have on here are pretty old even though i just uploaded them im more of what most ppl call scene type of dresser

Answer #5

Urban Decay has great eyeshadows they are a bit pricey so get the Pallets. They are sold at Sephora stores or the urban decay webiste. They are also vegan:) I really recommend it. Plus with the pallets they always have a primer to help your eyeshadow last all day.

XOXO Heidi

Answer #6

Anywhere, you just have to know what to look for. My friend wears bright pink mascara and lime green eyeliner to school almost everyday. She got those at drugstores.

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