where can i find or what kind of earbuds are good and cheap?

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Answer #2

wal-mart just an fyi ur cute

Answer #3

we get the jvc earbuds at walmart. they cost around $10

Answer #4

Depends on what you mean by good and cheap.

I have a $10 pair of Panasonic ear hook earbuds that I use when working out. They sound pretty good for a $10 pair, are efficient and have strong bass, are comfortable, and the hook keeps them on my ear when I am exercising. Also, I won’t loose any sleep if I loose or break them.

I also have a $80 pair of Klipsch earbuds that sound great but I don’t want to sweat all over them and they wouldn’t stay in my ears as well when jumping around.

To me $80 isn’t cheap but it is cheap compared to some high end earbuds costing $350 or more.

Answer #5

I know about good earphones but not cheap one. My Ultimate Ears Triple-Fi are so amazing. They have three speakers in each earphone. I also own the Monster Pro Copper. These are only good and at $350 not cheap. If you do your work you can get them priced right. I got my $350 Monsters for $179 and my Triple Fi for $180. Ultimate ears make the Triple-Fi and they make the earphones that you see musicians use on stage. Once you go Pro you can’t go back to regular earphones. Also don’t waste your money on Bose. They suck. The ones Ultimate Ears make for bands like Metallica or artist like Alicia Keys cost $1,350 dollars and you have to go first to an audiologist to make the impression of your ears. http://funadvice.com/r/bfedlib8gum http://funadvice.com/r/bfedlibi62m

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