Where can I find cheap but good skateboards?

Where can I find a cheap but a good long lasting skateboard ? Its been long since I did that kind of stuff … I mean I didnt really use it for tricks or any thing just for transportation ya know what I mean Heh

Answer #1

you could go for a cheap $50 complete skateboard at places like kmart, wallmart, target or if your willing to pay $120-$300 for a complete skateboard at a skate shop (with better wood, bearings, wheels, trucks, (better evereything) than the places above have)) you could also go on ebay and buy a secondhand or new one thats complete (or in peices if you prefere) for a lot cheaper

Answer #2

hey whats up look first, Cheap skateboards aren’t a bargain when you consider the possibility for injury. A skateboard that is not well made could fall apart and leave you and the pieces of your cheap skateboard on the ground. That would suck and its just plain dangerous. A cheap skateboard could be made with inferior parts which could lead to it falling apart and hurting you or you just breaking ya azz. However, you need to look at more than a skateboards price when trying to buy a safe skateboard. I bought minez fa only 120$ cause I aint want to spend a lot of moneyy$$ ya digg I got minez online so try and go to WWW.Skate911.com its a good site they got longlasting namebrand and good qualtiy skateboards on this site they range from $50.00 to about 200$ there is a few that are only 40$$ but check fa ya self God Bless x0x0 Unique

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