How do i find my activation key for my laptop?

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It should be on the CD case you got.

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Depending on weather or not the laptop still has the same OS (Operating System) it came with or if you brought upgrade or new os if you have not purchased a new os that most likely came in a box like the one attached...(if you purchased a os in a box the key is inside the box somewhere sometimes under the cd) if you have Not bought a new os for you laptop then there will be a sticker on the underside of you laptop that has two bar codes on it under the larger bar code is 5 sets of 6 digit combinations this is you activation key... you you can not find either of these send me a fun mail or reply to this post and i will help you out. Hope this helps :)

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Did you find the key yet? If you can't find it the other option is to use a freeware program to find it for your. A really good one is "Magic Jelly Bean Keyfinder". If you google that it should show you where to download it from. Another one that is free is "Keyfinder Thing" Google those and download either one. Beware that Magic jelly may make your antivirus tell you it is a trojan or virus. Just ignore the alert.

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Yeah thank u veryy much :']] x

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