Is in a film watching mood- any ideas?

Answer #1

have you seen marley and me???? it is really good

Answer #2

I havent D: isn’t it about a dog or something? >:

Answer #3

old baby vids- they can be funny! in one of mine, i painted my bellybutton blue! HAHA!

Answer #4

are you going out to the movies or stayin in? goin out- iron man 2 was good, stayin in (depending on your tastes) alvin and the chipmunks the squeakwal, day breakers, the hurt locker

Answer #5

yes based on a true story…i have seen the movie and read the book, then loaned the dvd to my mom to watch and she loved it too… is such a sweet story

Answer #6

i’m scared of dogs >: sorry.

Answer #7

It’s like nearly have 2 in the morning, I should have mentioned in the description D: It’ll be a DVD, or video. and ooh, I only have the first alvin and the chipmunks! I’m gonna watch it :) thanks!

Answer #8

oh well then that won’t work…my sister’s keeper is a good one but sad….a good comedy is funny people with Adam Sander

Answer #9


Answer #10

don’t for get they have vids on itunes you can look at the new releases and rent it right there on your laptop also u can use netflicks (yes I know I can’t spell)

Answer #11

august rush is a very good movie

Answer #12

eternal sunshine !!!

Answer #13

eternal sunshine !!!

Answer #14

that movie made me cry haha i felt dumb untill i looked around the theater and everyone else was crying also.

Answer #15

Pans labrinth was AMAZING it took me a long time to watch but i really liked it. Slumdog millionaire was amazing as well, it was NOTHING like what i expected either.

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