Short Film Ideas

I need some short film ideas for my film class. I want them to be short, easy, low budget, and funny. Any ideas?? Credit will be given where needed.

Answer #1

This one is for a 2 person video (plus the video taper). First you need a phone. Any. Delete all your texts and calls to your friends and from your friends. Keep the calls and texts to and from your parents. Make a have 1 person dress up as a nerdy, unpopular kid. Have the other dress/look like a salesman. Here is how the skit should go. Salesman: Do you have a phone? Nerd: Yes. Salesman: Do you text and call your friends? Nerd: Dont have friends. Salesman:Do you only call and text your parents? Nerd: Yes. Salesman:Do you want to call or text people besides your relatives. Nerd: Of course. Salesman: Ok then, go to your texting part, and then say anything like “Hey, what’s up?” or, “How are you?” but the problem is…who are you ganna call or text? Send the text to your phone number. After you get the text text yourself back! Have fun making this fun, short film!

Answer #2

If you have a pet,videotape them on there day but when they start barking or whenever they open it’s mouth,have someone make it look like it’s talking.

Raven (nickname)

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