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how to file a complaint on o police officer? read more

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lastnight crisis was called on me for not taking my meds. i eventally took my meds before the cops came to my house. they came afterward and told me i had to put my shoes on and leave. i told them i didnt want to go with them i would go with my mom. they said i had to go with them i said im sorry nothing against you guys but i dont like cops. then the rude cop said we can do this the esay way or the hard way. i just stared at him. hey then grabbed my wrist i instantly pulled away cuz of my past history of sexual abuse by my stepfather (male) so i dont like males touching me anywhere without my permission or knowledge. when i pulled awy hey grabbed me harder and tried to handcuffed me. i was struggling and telling the cops i didnt want to mess wuth them i didnt want to hurt them and i said i would go with them. the rude one was not listening and had my arm behind my back with excessive force. i never tried to hit any if them. the rude one left a bruise on my left arm. he was the ony one to touch left arm. my other arm was fine. the rude one pushed my arm so far back that if he went any further he would of either broke my arm or dislocated it. my arm had not been bruised. when he got me out of the house i stoped walking and tried to talk with the cops. the rude pne said "keep fucking moving". i got mad and told him i would get him fired. when we got to the hospital and when they took the handcuffs off my wrists were red and had cuts on them. i must strees though i never threatened or ever hit the cops. i have never been in trouble with the law. so all i am asking is how to file a complaint and dont tell me i shouldnt cuz he was in the right cuz he was not. thank you.