What is your favourite fighting style?

what is your fav fighting style mine is Muay Thai

Answer #1

Kung fu is the one I chose after trying different types of martial arts… It is one of the oldest martial arts. It was developed long ago and it’s still growing. you can find it’s techniques in any martial art in the world cause the most originated from kung fu. I do have some favourite branches like Ving Chun, Wu Shu and Tai Chi. I also think that differences are not that large in most cases and can be REALLY seen only with higher level masters. But that, of course, isn’t right in some cases. =P

Answer #2

kick boxing

Answer #3

Ya of course.. I told you every MartialArts is good.. There is no good or Bad.. I am learning 7 MartialArts tats why I am saying… Firest impression is not best impression Dude…

Answer #4

hakakuyue jijutsu

Answer #5

oh man thats a hard choice

mantis kung fu


and jackie chans drunken are all amazing

but jujitsu and ninjitsu are so crazy

Answer #6

Mine is karate… But every Martial Arts has same techniques.. Karate fighting rules are in such a way that we will have less chance to get hit.. eg the rule of pull back for a punch,so that the enemy cant catch your arm and lock it… Are you studying any Martial Ats???

Answer #7

Ninjitsu and Krav Maga.

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