What can I do about my ferret pooping through the bars of her cage?

My ferret will not go poop in it’s litterbox. It goes poop next to it, with her butt pressed up against the bars so that she poops out of the cage. I have tried getting her a bigger litterbox. I put tee-shirts down where she goes to try to deter her, but nothing works. If they are next to the litterbox, she will poop on it. Any ideas or helpful tips?

Answer #1

Get two cages, one much larger than the other…so that the ferret can’t reach the outer cage wall. That way, even if the ferret tries to poop outside the inner cage, it’s still trapped in the larger box.

Answer #2

Also make sure the litter box is in a corner. They like to poo in corners so high backed litter boxes are great. They are triangle shaped and sold at pet stores.

Answer #3

Its is a high backed litterbox, and one of the biggest ones at that. And it has the clips so it is firmly attached to the cage. I have 2 ferrets, and one is litterbox trained just fine. Its just this one that I have a problem with.

Answer #4

hmmm you can always tie card borard around the problem area. Or put cardboard over the area and put thayt cornee er oe he cages in the corner of the room.

Answer #5

get a cage that has bars that are closer together.

Answer #6

litter train her its easy,my boy does that to until i got a litter box.

Answer #7

litter train her its easy,my boy does that to until i got a litter box.

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