Female pug names!

I need a name for my new female pug puppy. I am getting her in 3 weeks. I am going to wait until I get her to name her, but I want to have some ideas in mind when I go to pick her up. I had some names in mind, but I dont like them that much. Please help me pick some names! Iwant something cute and not weird. I looked online at name listing but they all sounded weird or were just odd names. Give me some ideas of what you would name a little pug puppy girl please! Thanks!

Answer #1

I have read in a vet magizine that dogs learn their names better if they only have two syllables.

A abby amy ally annie

B baby bubba buddy brownie blackie

C cece candy

D daisy dandy desiel

E emmy elly erin elite

F fred freckles friday

G gege gary glena georgia gemma

H hasty haley happy hemi

I indy icee ira

J jessie jalen jessma jay jay

K Kassie Kaliee Kalen Keagen Kandy

L layla lenna lory lane leslie

M money mary maggie maddie maden

N nara naden nada

O oda olena odie orena oats oakly

P prince princess patty peggy puggly patsy peddle preciuos

Q quinton qinsley quailen

R ralen reagen reiley raden

S sadie salena-3 syll. sally salsa

T tess tera tarra tenta talla

U uno unie uni

V vicy vice

W wally wendy walsa wall-e

X xen xi (pronounced (ex)

Y yen yada yelda

Z zalda zelly zesta

haha.. thats all I got.

Answer #2

How about Bella =)

Answer #3

scrunchy,pudge,dasiy(some times the name just comes to you like something the dog did or how it looks.my dogs name is jack cause one of his eyes is kind of jacked up.I still think hes cute and I love him!)

Answer #4

this may sound strange, but I have a relative who has a beautiful femal pug and they named her “diamond” and it really fit. I’ll try to think of some other names and will come back later =)

Answer #5

lila nonna sanna meranna tanisha shelby cloe miley sara tira fanna sally salsa spice sugar cinnamon canya piller brenda holly niley sheba princess molly tally kiara tiara keesha holy shill coaco chocolate brownie muffin caker milly strawberry mamaseeta you can even try cytrus or try my name…allison

Answer #6

I’ve got a friend who just named her female pug a boy’s name - and I think it is really cute.

here’s a list of baby name tools online (you put in letters - or you can just let it show you some names randomly if you like) you might get some inspiration for your pug


Answer #7

Haha.. Okay=]

I have loads of them=]

Answer #8

Is she black or tan?

Kolby(maens black fur) Clair Roxi Misty Molly

Answer #9

gege is acute name diamond is and princess

Answer #10

well I just got a pug and we names her Nyah but I really like bella or Daisy or something like that

Answer #11


I’m coming to you, arodesiler13, next time I’m searching for a name!! :)


Answer #12

I say Abacrombie

Answer #13

I say cabona!

Answer #14

what about kiah or lilly

Answer #15

indie gal;

she is tan

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