Why do i feel like vomiting after iv done something sexual with my boyfriend?

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Could be stress from having done what you did...try to chillax a little bit, and remember, whatever sexual things you may do, please use protection. As much as possible...

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Yeah i use protection and im happy that i do it so i dont really have stress :\

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the same thing used to happen to me it will go away after a while

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Wow. If I was a drug manufacturer I would invent a drug that will make you relax and will call it. "Chillax"

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Theres a couple of things that could be causing this. It could be purely physical and the movements and motions make you feel sick afterwards (almost like car sickness), it could be from having an org@sm since an org@sm causes your v@gina and uterus to contract it can cause you to feel slightly ill for a minute after you have one, it could be from not breathing properly while your having intercourse and it causing you to feel ill also. The other options are that its emotional - you feel what your doing is wrong so it makes you feel ill afterwards, your being pressured into it and the nerves and anxiety make you feel sick, etc.

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Funny as usual, Ben...hehe :)

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mandyloo has one heck of an answer, so uh just one more thing. You could be a lesbian and maybe it's so deep in your subconscious you're having physical reactions. But you'd think you would know who you are by now.

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Thanks thats the best answer (: thanks alot you helped heaps (:

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