What are ways to let a guy know you like him w/o being too forward?

I am a very shy girl…although very pretty, I don’t really associate with the opposite sex unless they’re family or close friends. I find meeting new guys to be extremely hard…when they approach me I just shut down. I’m a 21 yr old virgin that has never had a boyfriend or kissed a guy…(I should mention that I’ve been close to kissing a guy, being in relationships, etc. but I always end up shying away).. to say that I am ready to feel SOMETHING is an understatement lol… I want a relationship and intimacy…all those good things that come with connecting with another person..I just dont know what steps I can take to get to that point..also there is a guy on my campus that I like..we were in a program together in high school but never spoke until now..I like him..and im sure that he’s feeling me as well..but he’s not making a move…Any suggestions?

Answer #1

You need to get out of your comfort zone. Obviously you need to make the first move. You could get into personal conversations or just straight up tell him you like him. If you believe he likes you, wait for the right moment and make your move. He isn’t going to go first. Don’t be afraid. Hope this helps.

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