Why do you feel sick if you spin around too much?

(like in a chair or a swing..?)

Answer #1

if I remember correctly there is a fluid in your inner ear that lets your brain know which way is up. Your brain re checks this information with what you see- If they don’t seem to closely match then your brain thinks you have been poisoned or have some other malady and causes you to feel ill. This is experienced quite frequently by astronauts when they first enter micro-gravity and is why their training aircraft is called the vomit comet. One thing you can do to reduce this is to look at a point in the distance and keep looking at it for as long as possible when you are spinning, then when you can no longer see that spot turn your head all the way in the direction of the rotation and pick a new spot. Dancers use this when they spin and it works quite well.

Answer #2

There’s three semicircular canals help to control balance and posture. Head movements are sensed because when you move your head and because your spinning around and suddenly stop you loose balance which affects the canals in your ear. and i think theirs also fluid in your ears which make you feel sick if you spin to much. im not sure if this is 100% correct though.

Answer #3

Awsome thanks! =)

Answer #4

Well I think you are mostly right =)

Answer #5

vestibular system - the fluid in your ear moves and a nerve called the vestibular-cochlear nerve (this is the same nerve that provides hearing) can sense the angles of the fluid, and as already mentioned, this information is checked against what you can see.

Answer #6

Cool! Thank you! =)

Answer #7

motion sickness maybeee ? lol

Answer #8

Deja vu!!!!! I swear it seems like I have seen this all before…I’m going crazy…rocks self back in forth

Answer #9

not in I meant and…dang >=/

Answer #10

wait wuut ? lol

Answer #11

Lolz I saying I’m nuts and I’m rocking myself back and forth in a corner like some crazy people do =)

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