Feel bad for me!

I’m in Louisiana visiting my family for my Spring Break -own!- and I was like msging my friend, and shes like “You seem to be having a great Spring Break I know Im not:(“ and all I can think is “What the hell ever” but what I said was “Mhm! Yes Im havin a wonderful time! Sorry your havin a bad time.” Then (before she sent me that msg) I asked what was going on in Texas -where I live- and shes like “Nothings is happening you seem happy on your spring break…” why does that scream “Inconsiderate b1tch” to me. I think its really stupid, and that shes screaming “Feel bad for me!”

Answer #1

it does seem like she wants you to feel badly about her. If she msgs you again saying anyhting thats like feel bad for me jsut reply I’m sorry :( and leave it at that. She should get the hint but if she doesnt just ignore her msgs or block her and enjoy your spring break :)

Answer #2

Certainly nothing earth-shattering to be upset about…chill - you’re creating your own misery, be happy !!

Answer #3


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