federal way snow.

wtf? im getting so tired of watching the news and seeing how its snowing EVERYWHRE!!! else in washington but federal way.does anyone know if its going to snow here?and when?

Answer #1

I live in Tacoma, and trust me. The snow is gone. And I hope it stays that way. So many people go hurt, with the black ice. then the floods.

And it’s FREEZING! =O

Answer #2

I wish it’d snow here too. it actually snowed here for about a minute (the snow didn’t even stick) just the other day for the first time in ten years. we all jumped outta our seats and ran outside in the middle of class ^_^ I just wish it’d snow again.

Answer #3

where do you people live? I live in wisconsin and we have vout 7in now and it started to rain and then it started snowing so now its all ice and groos out! how can you wan tsnow/

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