What's your favorite type of Pie?? Any pumpkin pie lovers out there?!

Answer #1

I LOOOOVE pumpkin pie :D

Answer #2

i love pumpkin pie! and french silk!

Answer #3

Apple, but I guess that’s cuz I’m boring.

Answer #4

Lemon cream and warm Pecan pie! Yum! Lemon Chess too!

Answer #5

Wowzers! :)

Answer #6

Yayy! :)

Answer #7

Yumm :)

Answer #8

Hey, we gotta let our taste-buds do the talking lOl :)

Answer #9

my own homemade from fresh pumpkins and butter only crust on top and bottom. yummy! with fresh whipped cream or vanilla ice cream =)

Answer #10

I looooooove pumpkin pie! and peach!! oh oh oh and chocolate cream pie.. mmm..

Answer #11

MEEE tooo lol pumpkin pis is muh fav!!!

Answer #12

I LOVE homemade rasberry pie. Idk why but apple pie is kinda gross to me.

Answer #13

I also love pumpkin pie.

Answer #14


Answer #15

I’m a lover of my Pumpkin Pie. I like the more ‘Exotic” pie like Lemon Merangine> ;D

Answer #16

Apple Banana Cherry Blueberry PUMPKIN PIE FTW!!!! ITS BANGIN GOOD:D

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