What is your favorite store to shop for clothes?

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What *type* of clothes?

From what I gather, kids these days (damn, I sound old..I'm only 26, I swear) like:

-Hot Topic
-American Apparel
-Forever 21

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I actually like target :) there cheap and have cute stuff.

Favorite goth~Emo~Scene clothing site?

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I like TJ Maxx, Ross, Marshalls. and clearance stores like that.

When you go shopping, what are your favorite stores?
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Favorite stores?

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i love Burlington it has evrything i need from clothes shoes jewelys etc. oh yeah and i lik this other in the florida mall but i cant remember it right now...

why all the stores only have clothes on bigger size.
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Hot Topics!

What store should I pick for shopping?

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Forever 21

I usually just go to Galleria and check out the stores(:

What's your favorite store?
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-hot topic
-red zone
-forever 21
-american eagle :]

favorite place to shop..

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Any store with good clothing. T-shirts, jeans are my personal style. I hate dressy clothes.

What's your favorite clothing store?
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Forever 21
American Eagle
Hot Topic
Pac Sun
Charlotte Russe

and random stores that you might come across anywhere^_^

What are your favorite stores in the Philippine malls?
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the internet lol

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Hot Topic, Rue 21, etc.

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