What are your favorite foods and snacks to eat during fall and winter?

I love Apple Cider, Hot Soups, Corn Bread…. And Warm Cinnamon Buns! :)

Answer #1

Definitely soups, tea, nice warm cheesy meals haha,

Answer #2

Coco, chocolate, peanut butter cookies, mince pies, toasted cheese, ginger biscuits, chocolate muffins with hot custard inside, coffee!

Answer #3

I tend to drink more whiskey in the colder months. I fn love pumpkin pie! If I had a giant pumpkin pie, I would jump into the middle and eat my way out of it!

Answer #4

Chilli, tea, apple pie, apple cider, and beef stew

Answer #5

soups and fruits

Answer #6

beef stew, casseroles, soup, pasta’s :)

Answer #7

Chili, soups, and anything that takes time cooking in the oven or stove ….which I avoid doing in the summer months. Hot chocolate creations too.

Answer #8

hot chocolate, soups,

Answer #9

Hot chocolate, deer chili, and soups.

Answer #10

Holiday Debbie Cakes ! (:

Answer #11

S’mores c:

Answer #12

Chex mix.

Answer #13

Chex mix.

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