What's your favorite color of lipstick and brands?

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My favorite all time lipstick is Creme Cup by MAC cosmetics. i use it like everyday..:)

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I'm not really big on lipstick, I'm more on lip balm and gloss. Where I get them, that depends on my mood lol, usually Victoria's Secret, Bath and Body Works or Arie :) I'm into nude or a light shade of pink whent getting lip glosses!

which brand??

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Me too!
Kim Kardashian uses it too! >.< I like Cherish too!
It's a really nice nude. Well for me it is. Since I'm dark skinned (:

Which brands do you prefer?
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Ah, I'd have to say a light pink lipstick from Lime crime.

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I love red lipstick, like bright red, but it doesn't really suit me unless I have a FULL FACE of makeup on which I really only do for weddings and funerals... and ID photo days... lol. I usually wear plummy red, but I have this really nice L'Oreal kind of like a beige-pink-red colour that I wear sometimes too. My favorite brand would have to be MAC, but I have a lipstick that I got in a rush before a party from a $2 shop and it's actually really nice, it stays on for days even after scrubbing your lips which is good in some ways but wouldn't be so good if you brought the wrong colour haha.

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well my gf uses AVON and the fire-red color is so hot cos it shines and leaves a glittery shine to it. lol

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Snob by Mac. Coiencidence.. I think not! :D

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