What color lipstick is suitable4 dark brown hair &eyes?

I have a skin tone like Selena Gomez and I have dark brown eyes and hair. Would nude lipstick look right…(the whitish nude)?

Answer #1

The lipstick that is supposed to suit you the best is the same colour as when you pull down your bottom lip…I think

Answer #2

try red or purple…or just look at the kinda makeup selena wears=]

Answer #3

Pretty Red, or Dark Pink.

Answer #4

since you have such gentle features you can wear just about every color. It all boils down to how you style your hair. I you would say that you should try a light pink. Never use nude colors, they don’t add attention. always go bright.

Answer #5

Hey Girl, I don’t recommend you use nude lipstick because it will just make you look washed out from your lips. Also I recommend you go for a pinkish nude color. You can try the Rimmel london AIRY FAIRY lipstick. Its a great pinkish color and it would look great and better than the nude color.

Good Luck! -Makeup Guru

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