What is your favourite kind of apple?

Answer #1

I love the red ones. Green ones aren’t as sweet and juicy in my opinion.

Answer #2

The green one, lol.

Answer #3

Red Delicious! I love their sweet, flavor. They’re also a beautiful color :-)

Answer #4

I like pink lady apples, they have a better peel than the others.

Answer #5

apple pie.. w/vanilla ice cream❣

Answer #6


Answer #7

Granny Smith… mmm… delish!!

Answer #8

My fav is golden delicious followed by granny smith and red delicious :-)

Answer #9


Answer #10

Carmel apples with spinkles :3<3

Answer #11

Caramel-chocolate apple :3

Answer #12

my fav is a korean apple. tastes like a pear/apple. and second best is the green sour ones with salt!

Answer #13

The green kind.

Answer #14

caramel dipped apples :)

Answer #15

Green. I love green apples.

Answer #16


Answer #17

Red Delicious c;

Answer #18

Granny Smith are my favorite, my wife prefers McIntosh and my daughter likes golden delicious. We buy all 3 when we can.

Answer #19

Pink ladies are my favorite :)

Answer #20

Granny Smith

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