Kinds of apples

I would like to bake an apple pie. What kind of apples are best for baking ?

Answer #1

Jonathon’s and MacIntosh…make good pies…Granny Smiths if you like pie VERY tart…


Answer #2

granny smith are mainly for baking. however, there are certain other apples used for cooking. next time you are at the store, check in the baking section; there should be something there about cooking apples. Produce will have it, too. ask the Head Grocerer about them as well.

Answer #3

for pie you should use granny smith I learned this at school that is because the pie is really sweet and granny smith are tart [granny smith are the green ones] the red apples are sweeter and will not taste right with the pie

hope I helped =]

Answer #4

You use baking apples which are generally granny smith or Jonathan’s..

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