How to become fat in a few days???

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I beg to differ that it takes awhile to expand your waistline...depending on your metabolism (mine and my family's is quite slow), you can either gain weight faster or very difficultly (I know not a word). if your metabolism is very fast you will have a more difficult time putting it on, but if you eat alll the time (don't gorge yourself on all junk though, you don't want to hurt yourself) it should have quick results .-.

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Why would you want to get fat? Being fat is not healthy for you at all! It puts a lot more pressure on your knees and ankles and you are more likely to get injured. Plus, there are numerous problems for your heart. You could also become diabetic. Why do you want to be overweight? Do want to simply gain weight!? If you do, gain it with muscle. If want to gain a few pounds because you are 80 pounds then eat big, healthy meals. Don't stuff you face with candy and chips because your body will hate you for it later!

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Eat a lot of candy! Do not excersize.slouch when you sit!

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eat a lot of pasta. deep fried preferably, like noodles and stuff.

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eat like crazy

reduced fat or skim

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