Fat and Ugly

I have very low selfesteem I think im ugly and fat all the time, My friends and my Boyfriend always tell me that im beautiful and im so skinny but I look in the mirror sometimes and I just think “ugh im so ugly” and other days I think that im pretty its so weird. Im always bloated I dont eat a lot. how do I stop being bloated and how can I be more confident about myself?

Answer #1


at least you have a boyfriend..x many girls would love to have one, that prooves your pretty..x x


Answer #2

Get over it girl…I guess people always feel that way about themselves. Accept who you are, you are certainly NOT fat & you are pretty. When your 40…you will probably still be asking yourself the same questions, it’s just apart of life…learn to be happy with yourself…whom ever you are.

Answer #3

OMG! please get a life and stop looking in the mirror if you think your fat…if anything you need to put on some weight!…do you know how many girls that can read this add and feel so bed about themselves…you are skinny so please stop posting stupid things like this!

Answer #4

you are veryy trust me I have friends who say that && I use too be all I’m fat & ugly then my boyfriend held me down untill I said I wasn’t and now even if he thinks I’m thinking it he makes me say I’m not

Answer #5

Hey! that picture is of me and I didn’t post this question :@ Stop F*cking stealing my pictures!

Answer #6

I am sorry! your life sucks!!!

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