What exactly is Fastline, is it like Paypal?

I need Fastline to purchase something online, because I don’t have a credit card. I have no idea what Fastline is, or how it works. Is it free?

If anybody uses Fastline, and can give me some information on it, your help would be greatly appreciated.

Answer #1

In basics, it does not seem to have the same idea behind it as PayPal does. With PayPal you’re paying right on the spot. With FastLine you purchase something, then pay for it later. Here’s a brief description I found on it:

FastLine lets you shop with just the last four digits of your Social Security number and your birthday! They will then send your statement to the billing address on your order. There are no costs associated with the use of FastLine if you pay off your account within three consecutive billing cycles.* No deferred code is needed. Simply click through to checkout and click on FastLine instead of entering a credit card number.

Source: http://funadvice.com/r/be3gusa8r9h

In all honesty, though, it doesn’t seem like a good idea to use. Your social security number is something that you should never give out for anything online, ever. Not only this, but I had a seriously hard time finding information on the site. Anything that’s trusted and used is usually a LOT more popular. Their website also doesn’t explain much. o_O It just looks very sketchy.

If you’d like to make purchases online, I’d recommend purchasing Visa gift cards. You can buy them at any age from a grocery store, they work, and they’re convenient.

Answer #2

Thanks. This site I am trying to purchase items off of only accepts credit cards, or Fastline. :(

Answer #3

Definitely go with the gift card then. That, or try locating the items you want on a different site. I wouldn’t trust the whole FastLine thing personally.

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