ordered a jacket EXACTLY like the blue one bella wears in twilight

ahhh today I ordered a jacket EXACTLY like the blue one bella wears in twilight! im sooo excited. but… it was 75.21. do you think its a waste of money. its a REALLLY cute jacket and its supposed to last a long time and theres not many being made.

Answer #1

I heard about them being sold and I dont want one because I hated twillight but if your going to buy it make sure its either something your actually going to wear or something your going to keep as memorabillia and say, frame it dont just get it because your addicted to the trend right now and then when it dies down the jacket will sit at the bottom of your wardrobe

Answer #3

if you really like it I dont think t was a waste of money.

Answer #4

I love bellas blue jacket

Answer #5

Have you tried here?


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