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I am a teenage girl and I need to gain 10 pounds in about 2 weeks. I am looking to fill out not bulk up so any foods that will make it go staright to my thighs that would be really heaplful

-thank you

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Well, really, there are no good "quick fixes", if you want the weight to stay, proportionally and in the places you want it, you need to build it up gradually, or do some muscle toning in the areas you want to look bigger, that way it looks healthier. Still have a healthy balanced diet, maybe with more red meat to help build up muscle.

You could always search around on the internet a bit, do a bit of research on the best ways to build up muscle or weight etc. but in advance, a lot of places will just want to sell you stuff.


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you should be happy with your body
and putting 10 pounds on in to weeks may be dangerous as your body is not used to so many calories been taken in
its best to increase the ammount of food weekly but not by a vast ammount .. just give it time x

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