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my mom and dad might split uop after 22 years is it ok to cry or would I be a b#$$ch?

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aww its not agenst the law or anything, cry your heart out as much and long as possible!
sorry to hear it, hope they stay together<3333333333333

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why would you be considered a b**ch for crying?
thats something that no one should make fun of if some one else cries 'cause of that thing...

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You should just cry your heart out if you really want to. I could never imagine that happening to me but if it did I would cry too.

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I agree if youre being affected by this so badly, youll need an outlet so crying is a good. its better than becoming an alcoholic =]

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its okay to cry ...everybody does it; its natural ...but youhr parents are doing whats best for youh and them ...so also cut them some slack but if youh need to go ahead and cry ...

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yes, its okay to cry
everyone needs to cry sometimes a
and I agree with the first person, you should cry your heart out
thats what I did when my parents got divorced
and I was about 7 years old then

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omg you wont be a b*tch it is perfectly okay to cry I hope things work out!!!

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you're parents split up after 22 years , you're sad , it's ok to cry

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You wouldnt be a b*tch...Cry let it all out!!!

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It's ok to cry. Divorce is a big deal.

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