False positive?

Is it possible to have a false positive pregnancy test?
There is two lines but one is VERY LIGHT and almost not there?
Or is it possible im not that far along?
Im calling obgyn Monday to see what they say and then maybe get blood work taken!

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Well you might be pregnant then. Just see what your obgyn says

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I know sometimes it can but is it possible for like five to be false positive? Becuase the past five or so that I took are two lines and one really light one

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It will say on the pt that one line can be lighter than the other.That can be cause you so early in the pregnancy. But sometimes a pt can give a false reading

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1 false positive is rare, 5 is highly unlikely...

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Five positive results? Probably not...

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You are most likely pregnant.

Can a pregnancy test have a false positive?

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