Will shaving your pubic hair make your penis look bigger?

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I think it will make your penis look a tiny bit bigger.
but you dont have to go and shave it all off you can just trim.

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Yea it makes it look bigger I know from experience (its one of the tricks porn stars use 2 look bigger)
But once U do it U either gotta keep it shaved or deal with the annoyance of it growing back

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porn stars dont shave their hair i know that for a fact and i dont know what porno you have been watching but no shaving wont help you any im a girl and i cant stand a guy to be bald it dont look right a trim is nice not shaven nor so much all the guys ive seen n touched had hair n alot of it which was good

if ur a big person than all u have to do is lose weight but if ur not

idk wat to tell you theres really no tricks

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I personally could not handle my man being bald down there... it's a girly thing in my opinion. (plus I like my men hairy) but I also can't stand a jungle. A trim is nice.

It could make your penis look bigger... but not by much. Maybe if you're a porno model it would be important but you're still the same size as before you shaved so for the average Joe no.

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