Can your face really become paralyzed if you get your nose pierced and they hit a nerve?

I dont know if its just my mom trying to freak me out so i wont get it done or if its true and she is really warning me. Someone help me out please?

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i doubt it. sounds like your mom is trying to manipulate you

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Only way I could see that happening is if they missed your nose and somehow pierced your brain. There isn't anything in your nose that would cause you to become paralyzed. If she doesn't want you to get your nose pierced which apperantly she doesn't just wait till your 18.

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No, the most that can happen is you could lose feeling in that area for a little while, but it's not permanent.

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No you can not become paralyzed from a nose piercing. Have your mom speak to a pro piercer. That helps to put their minds at ease when they are given all the information.

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yes that is wat the professionals told me. they said if u peirce it urself and hit the wrong nerve u can paralyze half ur face

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i dont know if paralyzed would be the right word tho, i remember them saying something bad could happen something like paralyzed.

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There's rumors about it but it's definately not true. If your tongue gets pierced VERY incorrectly half your face has a slight chance of being paralyzed but it certainly won't happen with a nose piercing or anything else

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Also, it sucks that you have to wait til you're 18 to get a piercing without your parents permission, where i live it's 16 :)

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My dad, when he was about twenty pierced his own nose and tempoarily paralysed half of his face. However if you get it done by a professional you will definitely be fine.

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