If the fbi breaks your door down do they have to pay for it?

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Photographer Jock Sturges was accused by the FBI of child pornography. The FBI confiscated all of his prints, negatives, and equipment but after realizing that they really did not have a case against him they never charged him but kept all of his stuff. It took years but Mr Sturges was eventually successful suing the government to return his property. When it was returned most of the equipment was ruined and all of his prints and negatives were marked up as evidence. I don't believe that he was ever reimbursed for all of the damage the FBI did to his property.

It may be possible to get the FBI to reimburse you for a broken door but it would probably be a major hassle.

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Good luck getting them to pay. They have the guns, remember?

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depends... if they had a warrant and you refused to open the door then no...
if it was a mistake, uhm yeah

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hehehe :D weird questions but I thin that they have to pay for it !!!

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Haha, sorry but for some reason that question made me laugh. I would agree with 'ty's' answer though...

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nope ...

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