Why do my eyes always burn and are dry?

they always are VERY dry and sting and burn.Even when i drink enough water, it still happens. Sometimes ill just be sitting in class and they will start to water eally really bad. When i walk fast or its windy outside, the wind would push against my eye and make it even worse.I have eyedrops that are really effective but only for a couple minutes or so, and i know its not that they are bad eyedrops cause theyre fine. And pleasee dont say “go see a doctor” cause i know i should, but i cant. What to do, any suggestions?

Answer #1

It could be chronic dry eye, allergies, etc… I suggest you go to your doctor. They may prescribe you some allergy medicine, or eye drops.

Answer #2

it could be the weather or temperature

Answer #3

May be because of cold, infection, or may be fever symptoms.. so you need to be careful, while you’re having that symptom that can develop into a major problem

Answer #4

If you are exposed to radiations due to over watching TV , working on computer for more time etc, you might get burning sensation in eye’s. So, try to cool your eyes always be putting on anti glare glasses while watching TV, working in computer etc

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