What can I use for eyeliner if I don't have any?

and What can i use at a straightner?

Answer #1

I wouldn’t put anything on/around your eyes that’s not meant to go there… Same goes for a straightener. You don’t wanna damage your hair..

Answer #2

For eyeliner it’s ok to use eyeshadow as a replacement

Answer #3

black eyeshadow not in the waterling, but aply to your lashes, straightner blow dryer.

Answer #4

I have always used eye shadow for eye liner because it does not smudge and stays on all day long.

Answer #5

Dip your eyeshadow brush in a bit of water, then into your eyeshadow, there you go- eyeliner

Answer #6

I wouldn’t use anything that was not intended to be used on skin,especially under the eyes..that is a very sensitive area…your better off just getting some at the drugstore or wearing none at all.It isn’t a joke to play with your eyesight.

Answer #7

Umm for a straigtener your can’t exactly use anything else that i know..maybe try running a curling iron down it?Again just get a straightener or don’t straighten.Thats easiest

Answer #8

are you not allowed to have makeup? do you have none or are you only missing eyeliner? you could always use some crushed eyeshadow. use a brush with a bit of water, and use the eyeshadow :)

Answer #9

thank you … I admit i didnt know what you guys ment by using eyeshadow.

Answer #10

Im allowed to have makeup just i havent got a eyeliner that works and i only have a curling iron.

Answer #11

lipliner? Just mixed with eyeshadow

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