What is ecstacy made out of?

what is extacy made of and what does it do to the brain

Answer #1

Also, a lot of ecstacy makers will fill it up with random crap. I’ve heard of pills having dirt, roach bait, bleach, paper and all kinds of crap in it. It’s rare or impossible to find a pure MDMA pill (and illegal!)

Answer #2

The chemical is MDMA, but what you need to know is that over time it can damage your brain. (It does not drain spinal fluid, however.) Depending on the extent of use, its effects can be very bad.

Answer #3

I have come across a pill that was sold as ecstasy, but was actually 10 parts Ketamine, 6 parts Caffeine, 5 parts MDMA, 1 part BZP, 1 part Methamphetamine and 1 part TFMPP.

Answer #4

exstacy is suppose to be made out of MDMA, BUT .. unfortunately there could be anything in it. It gets rid of your serotonin, you lose a little bit of happiness each time you take it.. and you can;t get it back.

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